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About Us

We're your Stone Crafters, Kim & Tom, and we're rock hounds from way back. We've always felt a deep connection to nature, the earth and the elements. We've found quite a few outlets to express our artistic creativity working with our favorite medium - stone. Usually it involves building something with stone, but our latest creations have us going inside the stone. These are the works we present here at  It's taken plenty of trial and error, effort and ingenuity to create this entirely new process, but the results are so worth it!

It seems that just about everyone that discovers our stone rolling pins are smitten!  The natural beauty that is revealed when stone is cut and polished can be breathtaking. When that beauty is contained within a functional item that can be displayed in your home -many of our rolling pins are more than just art-, people fall in love with them. Our stock is ever changing, depending upon the stone we are cutting at the time, so check back and see what's in store at

If you would like to visit our design studio in Buffalo, Minnesota, please give us a call and arrange an appointment. We'd love to see you!

Thanks for shopping with us!
Black Confetti
Exposed Aggregate
Green Granite
Moss Rock